OkayFreedom VPN. A simple VPN service enabling
private, uncensored web surfing.

The free version of OkayFreedom is ad-supported.

Surf with servers in 12 different countries
by using OkayFreedom VPN

How does OkayFreedom VPN work?

Upset when you can't view a video online? With our VPN-service OkayFreedom this problem is now history. But OkayFreedom VPN is also the right choice when you just want to prevent someone from following your traces on the internet. OkayFreedom VPN recognizes whether content, videos and entire websites are restricted in your country and automatically directs you over a server which enables you to view the content.

How much is OkayFreedom VPN?


Up to 1GB / Month

The free version of
OkayFreedom is ad-supported.

Premium Flat

Unlimited traffic

... as much as you want

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee